You will need
  • stepladder;
  • - plastic film;
  • - spatula;
  • newspaper;
  • - paste or Wallpaper glue;
  • - roller with telescopic rod;
  • cuvette for paint;
  • construction goggles and a respirator;
  • - a drill with a nozzle;
  • - brush with metal bristles.
Close the floor and the room furniture is deployed by Newspapers, and even better cover with plastic wrap, securing it in several places with masking tape so as not bullied when moving the ladder. Tighten the window blinds purchased paper or Newspapers. Doorway cover with foil, otherwise the dirt will spread throughout the apartment. Wear protective glasses and if necessary, use a respirator.
Dial the warm water in a basin. Attach a foam roller on the telescopic pole. Moisten a small ceiling surface and wait 10 minutes. Then, standing on a ladder, scrape the place with a metal trowel. If your vodoemulsionka was easy to keep up with the ceiling, clean therefore the whole square. But it is quite often water-resistant paint, it is from simple wetting will swell. Then proceed differently.
The first method

Get the simple Wallpaper glue. You can use PVA or cook starch paste. Give the mass the consistency of liquid sour cream. Pour it into a plastic cuvette for paint with a fluted side to be able to wring the excess fluid. Dampening roller, apply glue to the ceiling and immediately sculpt on him deployed Newspapers.
Evenly smooth it on the ceiling with a plastic spatula for Wallpaper or cloth. Newspapers should be dry. Then, standing on the ladder, pull with one hand on the edge of the newspaper and spatula in the second hand scrape latex paint peeled from the ceiling.
The second method

Take a brush with metal bristles and treat it with the entire ceiling. Bristles will leave on latex paint multiple ticks, which pass the water to the plaster layer through the moisture-proof coating.
Liberally cover with warm water the entire ceiling using a large brush or roller. Leave for 10 minutes and again thoroughly wet the entire surface. Then open the window and the door, arranging the draft. Latex paint will start to peel off and go to rags. Clean them with a metal spatula.
The third way

It is used on small surfaces or on a thick layer of vodoemulsionki. Warm up the ceiling construction dryer and clean the blistered paint with a spatula.
The fourth way

It is very dusty, but quick and cheap. Free ceiling paint using a drill with a special nozzle or a belt sander.