The show started with the Grand appearance of the truck with the big red container, accompanied by the CrossFit trainers. On reaching the platform, they demonstrated the basic movements used in training, showing all the beauty, the power and intensity of this training program.

The highlight of the celebration was the competition for CrossFit with the participation of journalists and sports stars. Leaders of teams made of experienced athletes: a famous tennis player Dinara Safina and the absolute world champion among professionals in kickboxing Batu Hasikov.

Sports festival in Gorky Park became part of a new global marketing campaign, Reebok is Now the fitness is a sport" centered around the CrossFit system. The campaign aims to change the way people think about fitness. Reebok intends to prove that fitness is inherent in everything that attracts people to the sport – the spirit of competition, desire to win, focus on results.

"Today we have taken a very important step towards the realization of our vision of fitness," said brand Director at Reebok Russia Sergey Shevyrev. For many people, the fitness routine means that they have to deal with, not because they really like it, but just to maintain shape. Reebok and CrossFit shatter this stereotype. In Neskuchny Garden in Gorky Park this spring, we opened a platform where people with different levels of physical training, doing CrossFit, supporting each other, competing and winning might feel, why now fitness is a sport".

It is important to note that CrossFit is a system of comprehensive physical training consisting of constantly varied exercises performed at high intensity. The CrossFit program is adapted to a wide range of supporters of a healthy lifestyle, who want in the shortest possible time to achieve the maximum effect from training. Exercises are custom-tailored to level of training, age and experience of trainees. Trainings can take place anywhere: at home, in the yard or in the Park.

The uniqueness of the CrossFit system that is not just a fitness program, it's a lifestyle. It gives the possibility of constant competition with himself, time and companions in training. All this allows you to put CrossFit on a par with professional sports.

A normal CrossFit workout consists of several rounds, each of which includes 3-5 exercises. The main task is to complete as many rounds in the allotted time or to perform a certain number of rounds. Exercises are super sets, that is, without interruption. In CrossFit uses exercises 3 types: cardio (running, rowing, Cycling); weight (pull UPS, push UPS, squats); free weights (barbell, dumbbells). Almost every exercise uses a new combination of exercises. As a result, possible to avoid getting used to the loads, whereby over time the intensity of training is not reduced, and the efficiency increases.

In July Moscow will host the final of the first all-Russian Championship CrossFit, where participants will compete for the title of "Most physically prepared person of Russia". The qualifying round for the world Cup at the CrossFit 2012 started on February 22. Winners are awarded cash prizes and gifts from Reebok. Registration for the championship is open at: