You will need
    • Fresh dates
One palm tree yields from one hundred to two hundred and fifty pounds of fruit per year. Traditionally after collecting the figs are laid on land and dried under the hot sun. For days, sometimes for better safety dates buried in warm sand.
Dried dates are washed, manually removed the seeds from them, sorted, treated and packaged.
Often, however, for quick dates are dried in the oven, handle the gray that they should not eat insects, then preserved in glucose syrup for sweetness. These dried fruits are usually unnaturally shiny and the benefits of such dates is not enough. Natural dates, no additives should be soft, with a matte skin.
It is also worth remembering that figs, dried naturally, have a sticky surface, which can easily get germs and bacteria. It is not necessary to keep the figs in the open air. Before use, the dried fruits should be washed with boiled water.