A classic recipe of jam from dates

For this dish you will need:
- 1 kg fresh dates;
- 5 cups of water;
- 800 g of sugar.

Pour in a pan of water and put it on low heat, add the sugar, stir and cook until then, until it is completely dissolved. Meanwhile, sort through the dates, throwing out damaged and rotten fruit, thoroughly wash them. Then remove the seeds from them, and the flesh is coarsely cut. Add to boiling sugar syrup, stir and cook for 45-60 minutes, stirring constantly.

After this time, pour hot date jam on a pre-sterilized banks and preserve. Flip the jars and wrap them with a warm blanket, leaving for a few days. Then put them in the basement or a dark closet. You can also seal the cans normal lids, when the jam has cooled, remove it for storage in the fridge – in this case, it is desirable to eat for 6 months.

Jam of figs, pears and apples

- 2 kg of dates;
- 1 kg of pears;
- 1 kg of apples Antonovka;
- 700 ml of water;
- 4 kg of sugar.

Thoroughly wash fruits, from apples and pears, remove core and stalk, and from the dates, remove the seeds. Apples and pears cut into thin slices and put into a bowl, add figs, pour the sugar and cover with water. All mix well and place on low heat. Once the jam comes to a boil, boil it, stirring constantly for 5 minutes. Then remove from the heat, cover the pelvis with gauze and store it in a dark place. The next day, again bring it to a boil, boil 10 minutes and pour in sterilized jars. Roll up, wait until it cools and then store in the refrigerator or dark cupboard.

Useful jam dates

Date jam can also be prepared without cooking – in this case, the product will retain all the nutrients included in the composition of these fruits. To prepare this jam you will need:
- 1 kg fresh dates;
- 700 g of sugar.

Dates sort, wash and remove the seeds from them. Then pass the fruit through a meat grinder and mix with sugar. Leave in a dark place for 3 hours, stir again, then leave at the same time, and then again mix well. Place the jam in a clean jar, cover them with plastic lids and store in the refrigerator. Store not more than six months, eating with tea or coffee.