The process of brushing to children to years is to wipe the whole cavity of the baby's mouth with sterile cloth or gauze soaked in warm boiled water. Gauze or cloth adult should be wound on your index finger and gently clean toddler areas for cheeks, tongue, gums and, of course, first teeth.
To clean the teeth of children up to year you can also special silicone brush with pimples or soft bristles, which is worn on the finger of a parent. Kids device for oral hygiene is on the shelves of most modern pharmacies and specialized baby stores.
To clean teeth a child under years not only warm boiled water, decoction of chamomile. This herb has an excellent ability to rid the mouth of a baby from harmful bacteria.
From early childhood, before the child's first tooth, mother and father should be taking him to the bathroom, the baby watched the process of cleaning their teeth.
Parents should make sure to brush teeth child was interesting. The day should be turned into a real game. Teeth cleaning may be accompanied by the antics in front of the mirror, play with a favorite rattle, fun songs and rhymes.
To clean teeth child to year should be within two minutes twice a day, morning, immediately after awakening, and evening, before bedtime.