Select a toothbrush.Clean only prorezalsya teeth whether with a special fingertip that is worn on the finger of an adult and has elastic bristles made of silicone. Buying customized baby toothbrush, pay attention to the following features:- the bristles should be soft, made of synthetic materials. The outline should be neat, tightly trimmed and not extend beyond the edges of the plastic head.
- the location of the bristles is preferable to choose a brush with bristles of different lengths, located at different angles.
- brush head should be rounded.
Pick the right toothpaste.Choose hypoallergenic formulations designed for children from one year.
Begin brushing the teeth.First time brushing teeth baby yourself, show how to handle the oral cavity. First, just wet the toothbrush with water and drag it across the teeth.
Let your child use a toothbrush.If the child shows interest, allow him to brush his teeth independently. Direct the movements of his hands, showing how to handle a brush. Squeeze toothpaste on the brush themselves, as the child is not yet able to calculate the amount of paste.
Teach your child to spit the toothpaste.A toothpaste for children can swallow, but to teach the child to spit the paste necessary. Show by example how to rinse your mouth and spit the water. The child learns immediately, but gradually mastered the necessary skills.
If the baby does not want to use a brush.Brushing teeth one year old child can be a fingertip. The device effectively to remove plaque, food particles stuck between the teeth. You can use a piece of gauze or bandage wrapped around a finger and moistened in salt solution.