Pull up weak and sagging skin after childbirth is extremely important because only in this case restores normal circulation, the skin becomes elastic. It is very important to do tummy time - otherwise, the task is much more complicated, the skin will lose the ability to make the past form. Therefore, it is important for you to consider a range of exercises and skin care as early as possible!
Start with the soft "flow" of the weakened and stretched muscles. Remember that the first swing press with great enthusiasm not worth it - start with simple exercises, short in duration. To be done often enough, but just not multiple times. For example, the classic exercise for the press: lie on your back, bend feet in knees and feet tripped over something, for example, the battery or the bed. Now start to tear off the trunk, however, is initially not too high. Do this exercise in small visits, listening to himself. Even the short load will gradually bring the muscles back to normal as they will get the signal to develop.
You can perform very simple (primitive even!) and that is absolutely harmless exercise: standing on tiptoe, carefully pull the hands up. Surprisingly, this exercise also strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, awakens the microcurrents to the muscles, and, as a result, your stomach is much more taut! Moreover, it can be done as many times a day.
For a firmer skin is extremely important aerobic exercise - otherwise strengthened and pumped up your muscles will not be visible. Dancing, swimming, running - gradually begin to return to activity sufficient and more walk on foot.
Massage is an extremely effective and necessary remedy for sagging skin. Massage helps the cells to "Wake up" and the muscles respond better to exercise and therapy. Improved blood flow as if the skin sends signals to the renewal and tightening, so that the skillful massage you will return to its former shape quite fast! Massage is best done with oils and special creams (for example, with the content of extracts of sea algae and other firming skin plants). Leather is clearly in need of support and additional power - so that a preheated mixture of olive or apricot oil with addition of essential oil of sweet orange or grapefruit is the best solution for the massage!
With regard to breast lift here can help you with common exercises with dumbbells! They are very effectively affect the muscles of the chest and hands, as a result, your chest fast enough it lifts up and takes a good shape.
Be sure to use creams, oils and gels to preserve the elasticity of the breast skin - now she is especially in need of additional nutrition and hydration.