Advice 1: How to strengthen heart muscle

One of the main causes of mortality are cardiovascular diseases. These include myocardial infarction, angina, arrhythmia, ischemic heart disease, and they are all connected with heart failure. How to strengthen the heart muscle?
How to strengthen heart muscle
Heart needs constant training. Of course, it is not necessary for an inexperienced person to try to beat sports records – the load should increase gradually but steadily. The best sport for strengthening are walking, swimming, Cycling. Will fit for this purpose and the exercise bike, but the fresh air will bring much more benefit. Winter is very useful and affordable activities will be skiing.
Start small - let your rule will be: "at least part of the road to and from work – on foot". Give up the Elevator. If you live in an apartment building, go up to his apartment up the stairs to the 6th floor, and then increase the load to strengthen the heart muscle. Weekends try to spend outdoors, in motion.
Avoid overloads. Hot summer days, our citizens used to spend in the country, exhausting yourself in the battle for the harvest. However, the heat is better to wait in the shade, and to work in the morning and evening. Believe me, no amount of vegetables will not give you back the lost health, if you decide that the harvest is more expensive.
Heat is generally very poorly tolerated by the body, therefore, if you have the opportunity, take the example of the inhabitants of southern Europe - Italians and Spanish people: from noon until three o'clock in the afternoon – a Siesta.
And, of course, people who are prone to cardiovascular disease, in any case it is impossible to abuse Russian bath and sauna.
Eat right. The heart must get essential nutrients to function properly:? potassium – its a lot of zucchini, bananas, apricots – fresh and dried, grapes, raisins, cocoa, legumes;
? magnesium are legumes, seafood, buckwheat, oats, watermelons, nuts;
? iodine is seafood, beets, lettuce, cheese, cabbage, grapes, plums;
? vitamins C and P – oranges, black currants, apples, sweet pepper, wild rose, chokeberry, raspberries, strawberries.
Discard heavy fat food, from butter – replace with useful vegetable: olive, corn, sunflower. These oils contain polyunsaturated acids, essential for strengthening blood vessels and heart.
Learn to fight stress. Of course you can't live life avoiding all the unpleasant experiences, however, you can learn relaxation methods, which will not allow to dwell on heavy thoughts, debilitating nervous system and triggers the development of cardiovascular disease.
Remember: your health is in your hands. Build your happy future brick by brick, and the Foundation of this building put exercise, fresh air, proper nutrition and a positive attitude to life.

Advice 2 : What exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system?

The health of the cardiovascular system influences the activity of the whole organism. Performing certain exercises, you will become fitter, healthier, and a long climb up the stairs will no longer cause you to have shortness of breath and discomfort.
What exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system?

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system in the gym

A gym is a great way to recharge health. Cardio help to strengthen all the muscles and promote a healthy heart. The most popular simulators of this type is the elliptical, treadmill and stationary bike. A treadmill mimics the natural running, you can set different degree resistance trainer, as well as the topography, for example, running downhill. Bike contributes to unloading of the spine, also it is suitable for those with troubled knees. Elliptical machines are the latest development of their pedals and handrail moving in a circle, which gives a good load, but not overload your back and joints.
When playing follow the heart beat, keep a moderate pace. You should be comfortable, breath extremely undesirable.

Exercise the heart muscle when swimming

Swimming not only strengthens and hardens the body, but also has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. Your body is in a horizontal position, and the movements are performed in water that is more dense than air. All this favors the outflow of blood from the heart to peripheral vessels and back. The pressure exerted by the water allows the heart to work better and more evenly. Also deep breathing swimmers is a kind of massage for the heart, activating its activity. In addition, it is noted that the presence in the water normalizes the blood and makes blood vessels more elastic. And the minimum load on the joints makes this sport affordable for almost everyone.
Swimming is helpful for the nervous system - it calms and normalizes sleep.

Aerobics - fast movements and rhythmic breathing

Incendiary aerobics classes suited to energetic people who are not afraid of difficulties. The first classes will be rather hard, but over time the body adapts and you will feel better endurance. The emphasis in aerobics done on the rhythm of movements and alternate loading of all muscle groups. Also, the lesson involves stretching that strengthens the muscles and joints. Modern aerobics is divided into several types: Cycling, using a stationary bike, step on a special platform, running on the ball for fitness. With regular exercises also is the active burning of calories, strengthening of the skeleton, improves flexibility and joint mobility.
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