You will need
    • shrimp or tiger – 1kg
    • olive oil 49-50 g
    • garlic – 4-5 cloves
    • coriander
    • dry dill
    • soy sauce – 50 g
Frozen shrimp into bowl, add ground coriander and dried dill, stir, cover defrosted on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Within three hours, remove and leave to stand at room temperature, so they better have a sweet smell of spices.
Garlic skip through the press, put in a small bowl and pour soy sauce if you have it, add half a teaspoon of Japanese horseradish – wasabi. Mix.
Pan with high edges, heat, pour on it part of olive oil and spread in a single layer of the shrimp, sauté them with one, then with the other hand, pouring soy sauce with garlic. Prepared shrimp put on a dish, also fry the rest.
Laid out on a platter shrimp, garnish with lettuce leaves, sprigs of fresh dill, a drizzle of good soy sauce, fresh lemon juice and bring to the table.