You will need
  • your blog in "Live Journal"
If you decided to look for friends on LiveJournal (Livejournal), you should get yourself a personal blog and to start it regularly to write. The theme of the blog can be any or absent. At first, you need to be more or less original to attract attention. Thoroughly complete your profile – it will look your future friends, and what they see can be decisive for your relationship. The same applies to entries in your blog – make a few interesting posts and continue to search for friends. Find friends in LJ can be different, and better use of all funds.
Method the first. Join thematic communities, and then every few days post there is a brief post with an invitation to your blog. And do not forget to read the posts of other community members and add them as friends. Regularly read recent posts of your friends and leave comments to their records. After a short time of a few dozens of added friends you will be able to provide for themselves "soul mates".
The second way. Leaving comments of your friendsand read other comments and if they seem interesting, and you will have something to say – add your comments to them. Often, interesting correspondence in the comments to records someone else's journal is the beginning of a new LJ friendship.
The third way. Filling in your profile section "Interests" you will see after you save, every individual "interest" takes the form of active links. Click it and you will be taken to the page a kind of statistics that will show you LJ users with similar interest in order of their activity. If you specify unique enough "interest", for example, "sit on the edge of the roof dangling his legs, and there were people interested in the same, in most cases, they will answer you in return for the offer of friendship.