To become a full citizen of Latvia in three ways. Your rights and responsibilities will not differ, regardless of which method you prefer. First of all, to register the status of a citizen of Latvia can the persons who had Latvian citizenship prior to 17.06.1940 g, and their descendants with the exception of cases of acquisition of citizenship in other countries. In addition, to obtain Latvian citizenship people are continuously living in the country and received the Latvian school diploma in teaching in the Latvian language. A child born to two citizens of Latviareceives the Latvian citizenship automatically. If only one parent is a citizen of the country, the question will be decided depending on the child's birthplace and the citizenship of the other parent.
The second method of obtaining Latvian citizenship is available to persons who were born in the country before 21.08.1991. In this case, you will need to prove that you have resided continuously in the territory of Latvia for at least five years and have no other nationality. If we are talking about a child under the age of 15, the documents for citizenship can apply for his parents or official guardians.
Finally, the last and most common method is through naturalisation. Naturalized can be persons permanently residing in the territory of Latvia for more than 5 years (04.05.1990), having a stable source of earnings, and have renounced previous citizenship. The naturalization process includes testing on knowledge of the Latvian language, the text of the anthem of Latvia, history of Latvia and the Constitution of the country. After passing all the checks you will also need to give the oath of allegiance to the Republic of Latvia. The applicants for Latvian citizenship must pay a state fee in the amount of 20 Lats with a number of benefits for veterans, orphans and the disabled.