You will need
  • PVC panels, glue
Before you start gluing panels PVC, you need to prepare for this, the gluing surface, namely, to degrease them. This can be done by using soap solution. Also for these purposes can help you with any dishwashing detergent. Dissolve in water, so as to form a foam. Thoroughly wash the gluing surface and wipe with a dry cloth. After the surface is completely dry you can start gluing panels.
To choose from many brands of glue available, you can choose a universal remedy, for example, "Moment Montage" or "Titan". These adhesives are optimally suited for bonding panels of PVC to absolutely any surface. If you choose for such purposes, "the Moment of Installation", you have to buy a special gun for extruding glue. Titan, in turn, is sold in bottles that do not require any additional tool to extrude the adhesive.
Squeeze dots of glue on the panel so that the distance between points was approximately 30-35 inches. Press the panel to the surface, and then, unplug it and let stand for one minute. After this time, re-glue the panel to the surface and carefully press it.