You will need
  • - floor dryer
  • - wall dryer metal
  • - wall dryer string
  • ceiling dryer with straps
  • ceiling dryer with strings
Outdoor dryer.
Decide on the size, this is especially important if you have a narrow loggia. Floor dryers can be chromed and enamelled. Keep in mind that the enamel, rough handling can break away the damaged area of the dryer is covered with rust, it is likely to stain linens. Outdoor dryers are easy to fold. After removing the linen this dryer is easy to clean a cupboard or under the sofa.
If you have no balcony, floor dryer located in the room or in the hallway, and after use put away until next time. In winter, when increased dryness of the air battery, it is necessary sometimes to dry clothes in the apartment to humidify the air. For outdoor dryers are convenient to air out pillows and blankets.
Wall-mounted dryer made of metal.
Dryer fixed to the wall in the bathroom or on the balcony. Fasteners should be solid to the weight of the linen is not dropped screws out of the wall. Dryer is a folded accordion. When buying the dryer, consider the length that the accordion is pushed forward. Should carefully evaluate the weight of the linen, which is assumed to hang for drying.
Wall-mounted dryer of the string.
On one wall near the ceiling, attach the two metal guides, between which the strings with straps. The ends of the strings fixed on the wall so that it was convenient to reach out a hand. Picking up the lock, lower the bar down on the strings, doing Laundry and raising the bar up.
Ceiling dryer with straps.
Two metal guides attach the ceiling between two opposite walls. If the walls are load-bearing, the dryer will hold fast. Strings, which lowered the bar for underwear, fix on the wall under the hand. Linen, dried on the straps, less zalamyvayutsya at the folds to make it easier to iron.
Ceiling dryer with the strings.
Dryer fix under the ceiling on the walls. Linen hung on strings. To hang the sheets under the ceiling, you will probably have to stand on a stool. String tension is adjustable blocks mounted on the walls.