You will need
  • - twigs of raspberry
  • medicinal chamomile
  • - Melissa essential oil
  • - fir oil
The emergence of a bubble rash on face not happy one, so all want to get rid of the painful and itchy sores. This will help traditional medicines.Try to remove the cold sore on lips , using the "Granny" method. Take a sheet of white paper, not coated, roll it into a cone and place it on a saucer upside down. Saucer with paper put it in the sink. The top of the cone ignite with a match or lighter. When the cone burns half, tilt it in the sink. In the saucer will remain a Golden resin. Quickly lubricate the "cold" on the lips. If you do this even before the onset of a rash, only when there is itching, herpes, may not manifest.
Another old way of dealing with herpes wax. Thrice brushing the affected areas on the lips, the grey, taken from the ear, you can get rid of this trouble.
To cure a cold on the lips and may be using raspberry. This plant helps to get rid of a cold, but turns out to be more and helps to cure cold sore on lips. Fresh raspberry twigs need to wash and grind them to a mushy state. Lubricate the affected by the herpes in the skin this mass, leaving it for half an hour, then remove the pulp from his lips. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times per day.
Medicinal chamomile also helps to clean the cold sore on lips. Chamomile tea, you need to take inside (for 1 table. spoon three times a day) and do this infusion lotion on the affected by the herpes lips. To prepare 1 table. spoon chamomile flowers pour a glass of boiling water and insist under the lid for half an hour. Then filter and add 10% alcohol tincture of propolis - 1 table. spoon.
To effectively deal with herpes help natural essential oils. If the rash has not yet appeared, but already there is itching, put this place essential oil of lemon balm. If you have already manifested herpes helps fir oil, which you need to lubricate the rash every two hours. Will a little bit, but the cold sore on lips will go fast.