You will need
  • - pot;
  • soil (substrate);
  • - drainage (expanded clay, broken bricks);
  • gloves for garden works.
Do not rush to transplant a new plant. Better postpone the event until spring. Moreover, in any case necessary to withstand a two-week quarantine.
For replanting, choose a pot larger than the old diameter. The day before the transplant, water the plant. Next, start to fill the prepared pot:1. On the bottom pour the drainage, consisting of expanded clay or broken bricks. Aloe does not like high humidity and a drainage layer is necessary for rapid drainage.2. Next, prepare or purchase ready-made substrate. The substrate is made from turf, leaf soil, humus, sand and charcoal.3. Pour a small layer of substrate on the drainage.
Remove the plant from the old pot, turning it. Gently clean off the ground with the root ball.Place the aloe into the pot, making sure that the root collar of the plant was a couple of inches below the rim of the container. Pour the roots of the agave substrate, passing a little tamping the soil. Pricenice aloe and do not water until the rooting (4-5 days).