You will need
  • Escape aloe, water, jar for rooting.
If you have a large plant that just need to be transplanted into another pot or rejuvenate by pruning and rooting is very simple. You need to cut off the very top of the flower. Your process must contain the top with a rosette of leaves and stem. The fleshy leaves of the aloe implant can only be a specialist in a lab, you also it is possible to trim this way. The old plant, which now remains one base, you can throw away. If this is not done, and continue to water it, the earth will again appear with the young leaves.
So, you cut off the escape of aloe. Doesn't matter, got it from you friends or you got it yourself by trimming your own plants. Now it needs to implant. If flight is long enough, remove several bottom leaves and put it in the water on the window. The short of escape, nothing to tear off is not necessary, as it will take away his powers, just choose a little vessel in which he can stand in the water for a long time.
Now you should be patient, because the roots of the aloe Vera can give very soon. With good alignment, they appear 2-3 weeks, and if it is winter, cloudy, or your aloe just doesn't like something, the process of sprouting of the root system may be significantly delayed. Nothing wrong with that. Just pour the water in a container as it dries and wait until it is not formed powerful fibrous roots. Only then will your escape can be transplanted into a pot with soil.