Why home to plant aloe Vera?

This plant has antifungal, antimicrobial, regenerative properties. It is a natural immunomodulator. This is a real natural antibiotic which is very easy to prepare for treatment right at home, with his own hands. Its fleshy leaves can simply be cut and applied to wounds, burns, and aloe Vera juice can be used for gargling angina or for instillation into the nose when cold. You can also find recipes using aloe juice, for example, for the treatment of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to plant aloe Vera and how to care for it?

To propagate aloe can cuttings, seeds. In the spring or summer you can snap off a stalk and put it in the water. Soon the cutting will root after which it can be planted in the ground.

If you received an adult plant (as a gift or purchased in a specialty store), it should be repotted only when the pot is very small. Generally, this plant needs to be transplanted into a bigger pot about every two years, you should definitely change the earth (suitable substrate for the cactus, which is sold in stores).

Watering is required as drying of the earth. Be careful if you water the plant too frequently, the roots can rot. Before watering, let the water settle, to warm up to room temperature.

For the pot of aloe select a well-lit windowsill, otherwise the plant is strongly elongated.