In some cases, in order to learn about sympathy for themselves, it is appropriate to resort to easy provocation, to give chance to any person to propose a joint trip somewhere. For example, you can say that you have not been to a movie, or in some Museum, or just did not walk a night on the town. If the object of your affection likes you, most likely, he will offer to go together.
A sign of sympathy are attitudes in your direction, that if any man pays you more attention than other interlocutors. If you have something to tell you, this may indicate that he is interested in you and what you say. If you are not currently artistree, and the eyes of the object of your sympathy and then get back to you, can be assured that you have conquered. By the way, do not worry in case if the person building your eyes, he said that he considered you so carefully, because you give him someone to remind you. First, it can only be a reason for Dating. Second, even if he's telling the truth, you still liked him. According to psychologists, if the person we are nice, we often think that we have it somewhere already seen.
Learn about sympathy for yourself will help sign language. So, women trying to attract the attention of men, hair, exchanging glances over his shoulder, throwing one leg over the other. Both sexes when dealing with people they are cute, standing straighter than usual, and sent a glance up, not down. Learn sign language, and the attitude to you by strangers will cease to be a mystery for you.