First open the hood of your car. With a screwdriver or a special key, remove the screw that attaches headlight to the top of the engine compartment. To the bottom of the headlight compartment is secured by two latches, which are easy to squeeze.
How to change <em>light bulb</em> in a Ford focus
To simplify further the replacement pull the headlamp Assembly a small distance from the machine body, and then easily disconnect the wiring connector by pressing the locking button. All block light completely at your disposal.
To replace the bulb of turn signal indicator turn the protective cover to anti-clockwise and remove it. Remove the bulb from the socket, then clockwise to remove it from the fixture.
How to change <em>light bulb</em> in a Ford focus
For replacement lamps or low beam, remove the protective cover from them. Click on the clips the pads the wires and remove them. Then remove the lamp, holding their contacts, and insert the new.
Remove the protective cover to replace the light bulb for the Parking light. Counter-clockwise remove the lamp, holding onto the "tongue", and remove it from the headlamp Assembly. Pull out the lamp by grasping the flask, and insert a new one.
The Assembly of the lights and installation at the same place after you install the new bulb in the reverse order. In the presence of a spare bulb and a good skill to replace any of bulbs in Ford Focus takes about 10 – 15 minutes.
How to change <em>light bulb</em> in a Ford focus