You will need
  • You will need time and training company.
Define the goals and objectives of the training training. Probably, in your company you have some time tracking professional growth and mistakes of their employees.So you know their weaknesses. Focus training on these weaknesses. If you plan to do trainings on a regular the rule is to conduct surveys of their employees regarding their own professionalism, as well as ask for their opinion regarding the knowledge and skills that they would like to. This will help you to have a full and real picture of the professional level of the company.
Consider how you will evaluate the effectiveness of the training.
Determine the budget. If you can allocate funds for the invitation of the trainer and training on the road – very good. If you do not have disposable funds – surely your company has experienced managers who will be able to conduct similar training for young professionals.
Select the training company. This item depends on the previous one. If you have the funds select the training company. You can ask your colleagues to recommend a company with a good reputation. If you have no Finance for education – based on goals and objectives, prepare your experienced employees so they can conduct training.
Prepare a guest coach. It is very important that the resource person acquainted with your prerequisites to improve the skills of your employees. The coach should understand what you want to achieve, as you can see the professional growth of staff. Also you have to introduce him to the professional specifics of your organization. Great if the teacher will already have experience of carrying out trainings in your area.
Get from the coach a preliminary description of the program. This must be done for you to be able to adjust the training program before it started. If you have suggestions to change this program – be sure to tell your coach.
Feedback. After training be sure to gather feedback. Talk with your community, find out what they liked, what not, what was lacking. Keep this in mind for the next training.
Talk to the coach. Find out what opinion has been formed about the teacher in relation to the group. Ask that he have compiled for you a list of recommendations for the future training of your employees.
Analyze the productivity of the training. Take a list of your goals and objectives, which you made before conducting the training – assess how the situation changed after the training.
Plan the next training. Based on the obtained data draw conclusions and based on them plan further training for your employees.