Count how many in the word vowels (the letters "a", "o", "u", "e", "I", "e", "s", "e", "Yu", "I"). The number of vowel sounds determines the number of syllables in the word.
The basic rule of dividing by syllables - beginning nanocollege syllable is constructed from less sonorous to more sonorous sound. According to the degree of sonority of the sounds are divided thus:

- the most sonorous is the vowel sounds;

sounds average sounds and is chornye consonants ("m", "n", "l", "R");

- the least sonorous - all the other similar sounding consonants.

Thus, most nenciarini syllables are open, i.e. end with a vowel sound. For example, "Ko-ro-VA", "mo-lo-Ko", "PI-ro-Joc".
Sometimes you need to split into syllables the word with a series of consonant sounds. Consider the words "map", "bag", "foam". According to the rule more sonorous the sound will terminate the syllables, and less sonorous - open the following syllable. In this case, the words broken into syllables like this: "Kar-TA", "sum", "pen-ka".