You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Office Word.
Creating footnotes is a very simple task. For this you need to put the cursor after the indicated word will be a footnote, click "Insert" (Insert), select "Link" (Reference), click on the "Footnote" (Footnote).
In the opened window you need to choose the location of the future footnotes (the top or bottom of the page) and the format of footnotes (Roman or Arabic numeral). After selecting one of the options presented, click "Paste" (Insert). The program will automatically take you to the place of future footnotes, where you will need to specify the full footnote.
After creating several footnotes, each of them can be edited. For example, you can specify which letter or number it should start counting footnotes. When you click on menu "Format" (Format), click Styles and formatting (Styles and Formatting), you will see the panel "Styles and formatting".
Select the footnote or footnotes, click on the appeared triangle, click "Edit" (Modify). You will see the window change the style (Modify Style).
In this window click the "Format" (Format) – select any tool to change the style (paragraph, font, etc.). After editing, all changes you will see in your footnotes. If you want to set this style for all footnotes, which you will create in this editor, check the box next to "Add to template" (Add to Template). Click OK to close active window edit footnotes. After editing, all changes you will see in your footnotes.