You will need
  • line
  • pencil
  • obushkovo hacksaw
  • a mitre box
  • baguette
  • PVA glue
  • pliers
  • brads, studs or
  • drill
  • hammer
  • glass suitable in size
  • paint
  • decorative elements
  • twine for hanging pictures
Take a ruler and measure the length and width of the picture for which you want to make the frame. Mark the measurements with a pencil.
Obushkovo using a hacksaw with mitre cut two pairs of segments of molding the required length. Saw smooth and even movements. It is very important that the pairs of horizontal and vertical segments were exactly the same length, otherwise make the frame the correct form will not work.
Slavyanye lubricate the ends of the lines with white glue and tightly secure the frame with pliers.
After the glue dries, reinforce the frame with nails. To do this, you must first drill holes in the places where you will drive nails.
Insert a suitable sized glass.
Now the frame can be painted in any color and decorate according to your taste.
After drying, attach to the rear surface of the frame loop to hang it on the wall.