You will need
  • - thick fabric
  • - lining
  • - delicate lace
  • metal memoir
To make a little purse vintage style snap. You'll need crisp, bright fabric lining, delicate lace and metallic femar – rounded frame with a clasp that is used on the handbags and purses. Memoir you can remove from your old shabby wallet and can buy in the shop fittings.
For starters, make pattern, according to the size of femara on the paper and draw the contours of the inner and outer part of rounded purse. Then take a plain fabric lining and colorful facial tissue, and cut them from the pattern details in two copies.
Prostrochite on the sewing machine front parts together with a lining, placing them on the wrong side, on the lower semicircle, then to the center of the backing parts glue on each side of a piece of cardboard.
Remove the colored parts on the front side, then fit inside a "pocket" of lining fabric. Iron the sewn parts iron.
With the help of pins make on top of the details of small folds and stitch together the inner and outer part of the purse at the top. Pins then you can get.
Take the metal femur and using a toothpick or any thin stick, insert the upper part of the fabric first on one side of the wallet, then on the other.
After the edges of fabric will be placed in the slot of femara, fill the gap additional pieces of cord. Take the pliers and using a piece of cloth to avoid damage to the metal, clamp the edge of Famara in a circle. Decorate the purse in its sole discretion.