If you intend to entertain guests on their own, in advance write evening program. Assign a leader, someone from among the relatives or friends of the DJ (who will play music and make it quieter). Plan contests, games and toast so that guests have time to eat, and have fun. Consider the average age of invitees and their capabilities.
Home on holiday - hero of the day, so even when entertaining guests, we should not forget about the guest of honor. To begin invite the guests in turn to name the best qualities of the birthday boy, each of them must begin with the same letter. For example, if the celebrant's name is Michael, let guests remember all the positive qualities of the M: masculine, muscular, macho, world, youthful... If a large feast and many guests are on holiday, hire Microfin without wires to the neighbors on the table and passed it to each other during the games.
Always go to cheer on the anniversaries contests with small gifts. Pre-purchase fun prizes: this could be a clothespin, roll of toilet paper, comb, caps for twist cans and other useful things. Let the prizes for the best joke told by the guests the most beautiful toast or particularly sincere performance of the drinking song. And the judge let it be the hero of the day: he gets to decide who distinguished himself in the contest.
If space allows in the room or the hall, periodically raise the guests and the celebrant from the table and let them warm up. The easiest way of competition-dance - newspaper. Take a few Newspapers (the number of participating pairs). Under the fiery music couples need to dance on the newspaper. Every two lines of the song, stop the music and put the newspaper two. The winner is the pair that will hold on a tiny piece of paper for the longest time (usually at the end of the contest the men pick up the ladies on hands and dancing to the applause of the audience).