Add photo in photoshop via the user interface of the program.
To download the photo in photoshop, you need to run the program. Once the app is downloaded, click in the upper left corner of the program click "File". In the opened menu choose the option "Open". The application will launch a dialog box through which you need to select the desired photo in the computer. Putting the desired picture, click "Open". Thus, photos will be available for subsequent correction.
Add photo in photoshop via the image properties.
To download the image in photoshop in a similar way, you need to perform the following steps. Just right click on the desired photo and select "Open with". In the window that appears, click Browse, and then locate the Photoshop application installed on your computer. Double-click on the program shortcut and click "OK". The image opens in the program. Perform this action once, in the future, the opening images in photoshop can be done in the following way. As before, click on photo, right-click and hover over the option "Open with". The monitor window will appear offering the choice of a particular program to view the image. Among all applications, click Photoshop. After some time the photo will be available for editing in photoshopE.