You will need
  • - rewritable disc;
  • software Nero.
Nero provides a curated user experience with CD and DVD discs. In addition to their being overwritten, allowing you to copy and transcode drives to store archival data disks, create movies, and a colorful slide show, make the cut and trim video, edit audio files and perform a number of very useful features.
The most successful version of the application is considered the seventh version of the program. Despite more recent build of "seven" is still very popular for their practicality, versatility and ease of use. So to overcome it the power of even the novice PC user.
To start working with Nero, start it by clicking on the corresponding label. By default, when you install the program it automatically created on the desktop. If no label, try to find a program in menu start. What you will need to go to "All programs", find and click Nero.
Then in the dialog box, Nero Smart Start select the desired category. To wipe the disk, go to "Extras". From the list of possible operations, depending on which drive you want to erase select "erase CD" or "DVD Clear".
Click on the desired label and go to the next step. Here you will need to specify the way a disk cleaning: quick clean RW disc or erase.
If you decide to use the first method, keep in mind that with this method the cleaning disk is removed not the whole explanation. That is, the disk will appear blank, but data is not physically erased. This option must be used with caution if the disc contains confidential data.
In the second method – select the full cleanup will have to wait a while. But in this case, with the disc removed all the information.