To stand was right, you must coordinate the whole body, which during the stand must be stretched in a straight line.
The feet during workout, hold stretched, and the fingers hold together. Elongated feet will help you keep the balance and maintain an upright position. Feet try to keep in line with body, do not dilute them in the sides and do not break the overall balance.
Learn to control the body, keeping the feet together. Making the rack, slightly tense your abdominal muscles to achieve the best torso during the exercise. Also you can slightly arch the back regarding the legs and head.
Stay tuned during the execution of the stand for the correct position of the head depends on the deflection of the spine. Keep head between arms and try to look at the ground in front of him.
It is also important to achieve the correct position of hands and fingers, due to which you hold the rackresting on the ground. Fingers slightly spread to the sides to ensure the stability of the rack. Start practicing a handstand next to a wall – stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and put your hands on the floor about two feet from the wall.
Push off one foot with a force from the ground to stretch my legs up against the wall. Hold the body straight and feet lean on the wall. Keep your feet together and pull feet up. Practice doing handstand at the wall for as long as your body doesn't remember the force with which you have to throw your legs up to obtain a stable position in the hands.
After a while start to push the legs away from the wall, trying not to lose balance in the air. Learn how to balance in space and with time the wall will no longer be required for successful execution stands on the hands.
Body pressure should be directed at the upper part of the palm and the lower part of the fingers – this will allow you to properly distribute the weight. If you suddenly feel that you lose balance and fall, shift your weight to your toes and try to return the balance.
When you gain a little experience workouts, begin to perform the exercises without the wall. Try to walk on the handsto feel the balance of your body in space and the main point of equilibrium which will not allow you to fall.