Advice 1: How to cancel an order Oriflame

Some errors when making the purchase via Internet and you will not bring the cosmetics that you planned to buy. It is therefore necessary very carefully to generate orders on the website of the company Oriflame. If you accidentally made a mistake and only noticed it when re-checking, undo the application.
How to cancel an order Oriflame
You will need
  • account on the website Oriflame;
  • - pen and paper;
  • phone.
Log in to your account on the page using the form in the upper right corner of the window. If you haven't got enough time to order it, just remove the selected products from the cart. For this in your order log in the folder "editing a reserve." Thus, you can easily vary the products you wish to purchase.
When already fully booked and decorated purchase is necessary to disband the entire order completely. To do this, call the service center of the company Oriflame. Please note that you must apply to the center that serves your region. Phone you need offices can find on the page
Before calling, make note of the invoice number under which the order and its exact amount for payment. You may also unsubscribe from individual items in your order. Please note that the operator of the service center will ask you to not name the name of the product and its code. If you made a purchase late in the evening, but then decided that something extra, be sure to call the company in the first hours of operation of the service, when, perhaps, your order has not yet managed to add.
For cancellation of already formed order you may be liable to a fine. It depends on the amount by which you want to purchase a product. The operator of the service center have to warn you about it. If his information was not received, will specify the cancellation policy and possible penalty.
In the service center, you can offer to cancel the order via e-mail. Explain the situation to the operator will connect you to the warehouse. There will give the e-mail address to immediately send a letter specifying the amount and the invoice number of the order.
If you made an order Oriflame via the Internet not to cancel simply contact your consultant number on the phone directory.

Advice 2: Should I start to work in Avon?

Oriflame is one of the largest cosmetic companies in Europe. Today it employs more than three million consultants for cosmetic products. They have not only a decent income, but the prospect of career growth, but also embody your dreams a reality. Should I start to work in Avon?
Should I start to work in Avon?

If you work for a consultant in Oriflame?

You should think about the work of the consultant in Oriflame, if you are attracted to the sales. To sell makeup, you need to be a good salesman: know how to speak beautifully, to be sociable, to know the properties of cosmetic lines, Avon, to present the goods with the best the sides.
To start to work in the company Oriflame you can with minimum investment.

To successfully sell cosmetics, you need to know everything about her. Many women can not independently choose the means for skin care of face and body and color cosmetics. If you properly give advice, help with the selection, you will be approached next time.

To get good revenue in the company Oriflame, it is necessary to have a lot of friends and acquaintances to have the opportunity to take their orders. You should tell all the relatives and friends that you have begun to start selling cosmetics, it is also useful to make advertising on social networks to potential customers learned about your lesson.

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If you like all of the above, you should look into selling cosmetics Oriflame. With each order in the catalog you will receive 18% profit and also accumulate points, which can then be exchanged for good gifts.

To increase revenues, you can also register in Oriflame new consultants, in other words, build your financial pyramid. From orders of the newly registered advisers, you too will earn income. Therefore it is in your best interest to involve in the field of beauty new and new enterprising people.

The most successful consultants receive from the sale of cosmetics big income, go to corporate meetings and events, where they share their experiences with each other.
The motto of the company Oriflame: "your dreams - our inspiration".

If you don't want to offer cosmetic products for other people and not eager to communicate with demanding customers, you still have to start working with Avon as it's a chance to enjoy quality cosmetics for yourself and your family with a big discount.
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