The anticipated response to the offer to meet depends on your goals. If you happily married or just satisfied with their current personal life, feel free to inform us approached the young man. This answer will not offend the man, but also lucidly explained to him that in your case nothing to catch.
Maybe you wouldn't mind a relationship with a perfect stranger, but I think that your acceptance will be regarded as accessible. But it's not your neighbor or colleague. You may never meet the person you liked, so there is no doubt. Settle for familiarity. His honesty you will be able to prove at the time of communication, after all, if you liked each other, you will have this opportunity.
Do not reply to the offer to meet "don't know". You give chauvinists another argument in favor of the fact that women's logic is very different from the usual. If you are not sure, you approached like the young man or not, get to know him, but don't give him your contacts, and take his mobile number. Then you will understand and if you decide that you would still like to continue communication, will be able to call him.
Tie interesting conversation. After all, the offer to meet is not necessarily immediately to give their passport details and registration address. Talk with the young man about books, Pets, growing cacti – topics that you care about. And only then make a conclusion whether or not to leave your phone number.
Many young people are fond of pick-up and when meeting on the street use formulaic phrases. If you have the impression that you are already tenth beautiful stranger that this phrase invites you to the theatre, chances are you ran into a pick up artist. Well-trained guys know what to say to the girl in case of disagreement, so if you want to get rid of troublesome young man, you have to act unhackneyed. Say the phrase at random, salates laugh, jump on one foot – it is unlikely that such variants of female behavior Lovelace provided.