Observe the baby if he is restless, became more Moody, shakes his head, cries, rubs his ear, maybe he starts otitis.
If your child has an Earache, he can't sleep, tossing and turning, because he was unable to find a position where he will feel comfortable. Softens the pain of the heat, so the baby can try to squeeze the pillow just sick ear.
The child may refuse to eat because chewing and swallowing gives him pain.
Increasing the temperature to 38-39 degrees – one of the symptoms of otitis media. As is an inflammatory disease, it occurs in an acute form.
In advanced cases the child's ear may be liquid yellow-green color with splashes of blood or without. Itself the ear canal may be red.
Otitis media may occur on a background of suffering respiratory diseases as a complication. Therefore, in this period we need to observe the child carefully.
In order to check whether aching ear, you need to slightly press on the tragus – the small bump on the outer part of the ear before entering the ear, causing pain, and the baby will cry. But this method works not in all cases since otitis media is not always accompanied by pain. So consider this method not universal.