Learn how to set healthy relationship boundaries. Your tendency toward compassion sometimes compels you to make things uncomfortable for you in any emotional or physical sense. Remind yourself that your healthy emotions and desires should be a priority towards those who you are projecting to other people.
Separate their own and other people's emotions. If you are prone to empathy, you sometimes difficult to determine who owned you are experiencing feelings you or the other party? Learn to define their attitude to the events, and not to perceive only what translates your counterpart.
Remember that other people's emotions are not yours, you are not required to test them. If you met someone who deeply and sincerely mourn, you can sympathize with this person but should not continue to be sad after Express your support and go further. If someone need help, your negative emotions will only prevent you to provide it, will not concentrate and will disrupt the clarity of perception and a willingness to set goals and achieve them.
Remember that everything you learn is just history. Be critical. There are things that do deserve sympathy, but about such incidents, no one doubts that they are sad and tragic. The rest can be only a desire for someone to draw you to his side, to what psychologists call "stroking" or a distorted perception of what is happening. Don't take the emotional story, listen first to the facts.
Take care of yourself. If you are upset by events that do not concern you, and you can close them access into your life. For example, stop to watch those channels that carry news only bad news in tragic tones, don't buy tickets to theatre performances or premieres, if you know in advance that there are scenes that can bring you out of balance for a long time. Tell yourself that this work of art is designed for those who compassion to awaken, and your already not Napping.
Look for the positive emotions. Communicate with positive people, not those who hours tells you about their suffering. The latter often do not want to abandon the troubles, making their lives , from their point of view, significant and serious.
On the computer, create an "emergency" folder full of files – be it video or audio clips, pictures, letters, or poems that make you smile. "Take" positive emotions, as soon as you feel that something is too hard to upset you.