You will need
  • - passport;
  • money.
  • - credit agreement.
Find out what terms your Bank allows early repayment of the mortgage. To do this, locate your copy of the contract with the financial institution. There will be a section devoted to the early making money in credit score. Follow the procedure specified there.
If the contract does not say anything about dosrochnoe repayment or prohibited use changes in the Russian legislation. In the fall of 2011 by a special resolution, the government gave people the opportunity to repay prematurely any loan. In this case the interest should be recalculated by the Bank: people do not have to pay for the time not yet used the money.
Come to the Bank with your passport and the credit agreement. Write a statement showing how much money you want to make ahead of time. The Bank has the right to consider your application during the month, but it can do the recalculation of interest and immediately. If you are uncomfortable to come to the Bank personally, you can send a statement by registered mail with notification. So you can be sure that your message was delivered.
Make on your credit score the desired amount. After this partial early repayment of the loan will get a new payment schedule in accordance with the recalculation of interest. The Bank itself may decide whether the term of the loan or reduced monthly payments. The full repayment of the loan to request a certificate stating that the debt is fully paid. This document will be for you a guarantee that the future will not appear unreasonable claims.
If the Bank refuses to count you interest on the loan in connection with its partial or full early repayment, you have the right to go to court. The Russian law in this case will be on the side of the one who took the credit.