You will need
  • - Acronis Disk Director;
If your computer has only one disk to be split into multiple logical partitions. In section C you will be the operating system, others you can use for data storage. This separation greatly increases the safety of information, even in the case of a complete crash of the operating system your data will be intact.
To use the partitioning utility, Acronis Disk Director, this is one of the best programs of this class. It exists in two versions: one runs under Windows, the second with CD. It is better to use the second, because when you partition a disk under Windows there are sometimes problems. In particular, can be disturbed by the partition structure, which may lead to data loss.
To start the utility from the CD-ROM during start-up the computer, you must access the boot menu. To do this, press F12 or the one that displays the boot menu on your computer model. If the boot menu could not be found, set in BIOS primary boot device the CD-ROM. To enter the BIOS you must press Del, F1, F2, F10 on different computers used keys differ. Find the line and select First Boot device first boot CD. Save the changes by pressing F10. If necessary, confirm the change by entering Y and pressing Enter.
In boot menu choose disk Acronis Disk Director, in the proposed variants – to "Manual." On the right side of the program window, select the appropriate drive, on the left side step "Divide that". Following the instructions of the program, determine the size of future drives (old and new). After the end of the program you will see the old disk, already of smaller size and a new Unallocated area.
Select the unpartitioned area, then the action is "Create volume". Identify the letter of the new volume – for example, D. In the list of topics will appear the newly created partition.
The operations you performed, the program made virtual, so you can still cancel them. To make these changes came into force and a new section was created, click Run. After you end the program, restart the computer.