You will need
  • card;
  • greeting text;
  • — glitter, colored markers;
  • tape;
  • — bows
  • — corrugated, colored, velvet paper;
  • — stickers for postcards;
  • glue;
  • — scissors;
  • — additional accessories of your choice.
Select a greeting card that is relevant to the occasion. Pay special attention to its original appearance. Remember that their own want to decorate it. Best of all, if it is at least brilliant prints, convex images and text. She must have quite modest. Very good cards, made of thick matte cardboard, decorated with printing a small image and no text inside.
Consider the greeting that you want to place inside the cards. Do not have burst into a Nightingale, but a few kind and sincere words will be the most beautiful decoration. Consider how to place the text. To do this, practice on a separate sheet of paper, cutting it to postcard size. Stop for any option. If you do not have very good handwriting, print the message on a printer (use colored paper).
Take a small piece of satin ribbon. In length it should match the vertical side of the postcard on the front and reverse side. Decorate it with beads, sequins, bows, and any other decorative elements. Secure the tape on the inside of the postcard with glue or just sew a line (formed by the circle) and attach to the front side. Accommodation options are various, best of all, it will look closer to the bend or the edge of the page.
Pick suitable for the beautiful design of your cards. They are sold in stationery stores. Can be used as special labels for postcards (they differ in volume and marked “HandmadeCard”), and the most common. The only rule: ensure that they fit seamlessly into the General color scheme and theme.
Lay out a draft card (which was trying on the text). Choose from a set of stickers. Approximately, with a pencil, and estimate their location. Some stickers put on the inside, and some adorn the front side of the postcard. Move the design elements on this card.