You will need
  • - the decision of founders;
  • - constituent documents;
  • - application form.
In any case, you first need to assemble all the founders for making decisions on amendments to the constituent documents of the organization. If the data to be modified on the founder is already included in the founding documents, you must write the application form Р13001, sign it and notarize. Also in this case, you need to prepare a new edition of constituent documents and pay the state duty of 400 roubles.
If the information was not included in the incorporation documents, complete the application form Р14001. With the change of management this document is signed by the new Director and also certified by a notary. Also in this case, you will need the order on the adoption of a new Director for a leadership position. And in both cases, the statements need to fill out an application, where there is a list of all attached documents.
Whatever changes may be made, provide all the collected documents to the tax authority personally, and be sure to bring officials who took their receipt. Or send in the mail with a list of contents and declared value. If you will send a package in the mail, on the envelope mark "Registration". In this case, a receipt you will have to send in the answer on next day after receiving your letter. In this document to be the date of receipt of your documents. And within five days from this moment there should be a check in the changes.
Then you will need to get the tax office a document certifying the fact of registration of changes in EGRUL. It can do both the applicant himself and his representative. Along with this confirmation don't forget to pick up everything you previously provided documents, including the decision.
To deny you can only if you have not provided all the necessary documents.