To live in the woods you can temporarily or to settle there permanently. In any case, first you will need a place to sleep and shelter to shelter and protect themselves from wild animals.
If you come into the forest to work, for example, to harvest wood, herbs, mushrooms, berries, for temporary residence, you can build a hut out of scrap materials or dig a dugout that is more reliable in terms of shelter from wild animals. For permanent residence you will need more durable housing. In the woods a lot of building material. It is absolutely not necessary to cut trees at the root. Enough fallen trees from which to build a solid hut.
An important challenge is food. For short-term work to take dry food, cereals, butter, tea, sugar, canned food, fast food. Provisions will last for some period of time.
For permanent residence provisions would have to produce. The forest is a storehouse of useful herbs that are suitable for human consumption and have high nutritional value. Forest Lily or wild Lily is a plant that contains the nutrient bulb, fit for human consumption. Bracken grows almost everywhere, boiled, fried, baked suitable for satisfying hunger. Mushrooms, berries, game – all the wealth of forests that help to survive the hermit, who settled in the forest. Herbs: licorice, elecampane, plantain, pine needles will help restore the lack of vitamins and energizing. In the summer all meals can be eaten fresh, but it does not forget to make preparations for the winter, dried mushrooms, berries and herbs.
To systematically be provided with food, you can develop a small area, clearing it of snags and grass, to sow wheat or to plant a small city. To save the vegetables enough to dig a cellar or cellar in a cabin.