You will need
  • - soft brush;
  • - the fan.
To grow strawberries it is possible not only in the open ground. In recent years quite extensively, especially in Western countries, it is cultivated in greenhouses and insulated hangar. It is known that some vegetable crops can be successfully grown in the home, on windowsills and balconies. Thanks to the efforts of breeders, for some time, the same can be said of the strawberries. Now everyone can grow it at home year-round without huge financial costs. Of course, some difficulties and problems still exist, but they are quite solvable.
When growing indoors is artificial pollination. Flowering period depends on the variety and continued for several weeks. The flowers on the spike bloom at different times. Duration of flowering of each is from 1 to 4 days. In open plantations cross-pollination occurs by wind or insects that carry pollen. On large farms in the flowering period in greenhouses enter the hives. One family of bees is able to pollinate the plants on the area of 1000-1500 sq. m.
Of course, to use this method at home is impossible. Room or balcony farmers have to pollinate manually. If the volume of your "strawberry beds" small, you can do this is not difficult. Prep school soft brush, preferably with natural hair. Easily swipe her for each flower. Do it best in the morning and preferably during the flowering period. When growing 3-4 varieties at the same time cross-pollination improves the yield and fruit quality.
You can use a different method. Turn on the fan. Aim the air jet at the stems. It turns out almost as in natural conditions: the wind blows – strawberry is pollinated.