Before you travel, be sure to adjust yourself to the fact that if your plane is going to crash, you will not panic because it is absolutely meaningless. In such a situation, every minute counts, and the correct action can save lives not only to you but to other people.
Remember that you should carefully listen to the instructions of the crew in case of an emergency. Rescue equipment modernizarea, and you can miss crucial information about its use.
Before the flight take care of a small bottle of water (at least a few SIPS), which should be in your bag or Luggage, and to yourself.
Packing, always be aware of the flight route and the season. If you fly over water, wrap the kit and Essentials in a waterproof bag. Select for of flight clothes in bright colors that will make it easier in the event of an emergency landing.
Note that the life jacket worn ahead of time, may hamper your emergency exit from the plane while landing. If the water is cold, as soon as possible climb into the liferaft, which is many times increase the likelihood of your salvation.
To protect yourself from the fire while the possibility of fire, and fly pick clothes with protective properties, for example, from leather or wool. When the smoke stay close to the floor and, to the extent possible, close the skin with clothing. As soon as possible get out of the plane.
Adjust seatbelt. To insure a snug fit. In the case of an emergency situation this will help you to stay in your seat and protect yourself from possible injury and to properly use an oxygen mask that automatically appears in case of decompression in the cabin.
In the absence of oxygen appears whistling and pain in my ears, warming and tingling of the skin, pain in the intestine. May occur loss of consciousness. So put on your oxygen mask and don't look back at the other passengers. Don't forget to pull the cord, leading from the mask to the safety valve, otherwise the oxygen will not go. Then start to help others.
In case of emergency landing, shaking his head any clothes, cover her hands and bend to the knees. This will protect you from splinters. As soon as possible get out of the planeuntil it exploded in the fuel. Use any emergency exits, following the requirements of the crew and their own common sense.
If your plane falls from several tens of meters, you have a chance to land gently enough. WhenMitya pose flying squirrels: widely apart, feet and hands, rotten back, lift your head. This body position increases air resistance and slows the rate of fall.
If possible, avoid falling into the water or try to provide correct input into it to soften the blow. Keep the body straight and elongated, like a string position. Hands behind your head. On land land, using the experience of the parachutists. The legs should be bent and compressed condition, and heels at the same time - raised.