You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - paint.
Housing should fit its owner, so choose a hero, for which you will create the house. For the characters of Russian folk tales draw an original log hut. It can be incredibly beautiful, if you draw a lugged architrave around the window, a notched ridge of the roof. Write down every aisle, not forgetting the annual rings on the cut logs.
An important element of an attractive houseis a cozy porch with carved posts and two-three stages with a charming and round fading traces of knots on the boards. Decorate the house picturesque embroidered curtains on small Windows with painted flower pots. Make a straw roof, bright yellow Sunny color.
To create pictures of the doll houseand the fabulous girls use unusual building material – the candy instead of glass, a bell of blue sky replaces the roof, walls draw woven with flowering sprigs, a door will serve as an oak leaf. All it is paint colours. Don't forget to break a small lawn for plants under the window.
Try to draw a cabin for your romantic nature, the artist, poet or musician, who will inspire a magnificent view from the Windows of the high towers. Draw hilly piercing green shore, a narrow strip of white sand, foaming surf, the sea is deep emerald-blue waters. On the hill will stand in your house, consisting of rounded lines to wind smoothly around its walls and fought in the window.
Draw every natural stone from which is constructed a dwelling. At the bottom the color of the stones make a darker draw between the bricks the green moss. At the top of the stone dry, the color is heterogeneous, and the size is also very remarkable. Glass Windows of unusual shape, replace the bright stained glass Windows. The roof, of course, will be tiled. At the top, draw a black outline of the weather vane.
Awaken your imagination and transfer ideas to paper. For decorating doors and walls an unusual, but charming, houses use wooden wheels from carts, creeping plants with clusters of flowers, painted ceramic tile. In drawing your flight of fancy no limit, and you have the power to repeal the law of gravity, he built a house on the cloud.