You will need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - colored pencils, paint.
  • eraser.
Consider drawing, scribble on a sheet, landscape elements, mark the horizon line. Not worth it to carefully draw all the details, because in real life you are unable in the darkness to examine the leaves on the tree and drawing the pavement. Limit your total strokes, so the picture will be even more mysterious and enigmatic.
Mark of the shadow. Certainly on your picture there will be lights, illuminated display, moon. At night, the objects cast strange shadows, and your picture will win, if you manage to capture them.
Prepare pencils or paint you will paint the picture. Excellent effect gives a gouache by mixing colors with it to achieve amazing shades of the night sky. Drawing paint, do not forget to dry the pattern to the outlines of the houses are not mixed with the faint light of a lantern. If you paint a night city with pencils, for the homogeneous mixing of colors can take a small piece of paper and RUB them the picture.
Take the sky, because the night it seems especially beautiful. Draw the disk of the moon, put little dots of stars create clouds. It will enliven your picture of night city. The more stars in the sky, even more elegant seem to be drawing. Do not forget that if you draw the center of the cityand in which burning Windows and full of life, stars are virtually invisible.
Highlight the main details strokes of black or dark blue, add white paint in the light of the moon or of a lantern, draw the light glares on the objects of the picture – your picture will become brighter and richer.
You can paint the night city in the following manner. Stroke sheet of paper in pencil, and then draw on it the city with an eraser. Make the faded silhouettes of houses and trees, put in the sky a bright moon. Get simple and fancy looking picture.