You will need
  • paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - paint or pencils.
For a start, no matter how banal lesson to you as it may seem, practice to draw geometric figures – rectangles, squares, cubes, cuboids (cubes with different faces). Mankind has invented many architectural delights, but one way or another - the vast majority of houses are square or rectangular box. And you are sure to be able to draw a neat parallelogram?
To draw the building with nature and photography. Armed with a ruler and take measurements of the roof and walls from the place where you stand (or photos, if you draw with it). This must be done in order for the roof crept to the house, and the far wall did not suddenly above the one that is located closer to you. Record the results of your measurements and based on them make the outline of the figure.
Now you can connect lines of the sketch in the whole picture. Keep in mind that massive structures such as tall monolith or fortress, it is better to draw a thick pencil, and the graceful towers and a cozy country home – fine.
Pay attention to the small details, because they make the picture complete. Draw Windows, doors, the chimney, from which smoke, a neat porch. If you create an urban landscape near your home can be flower beds, children's Playground, benches. Use your imagination to fill your painting life.
If necessary, draw the texture: masonry from the medieval castle, blocks, plates, modern skyscrapers, wooden texture, rustic cabin.
You can leave your drawing black and white, only the outlines drawn and shadows, and you can decorate it with paints or crayons. If you chose the paint, after application of the same color give the painting to dry. This way you will avoid mixing colors, and your buildings will delight with their vivid colors.