Of course, the backpack, as well as any other accessory, is not suitable to all your wardrobe. The range of shops in the majority of backpacks offers the sporty models. If you have the appropriate style: you prefer to wear jeans, sneakers and windbreakers are unisex, feel free to buy a capacious sack – your back will tell you "thank you."
If you a feminine girl, pick up a backpack will be more difficult. However, do not despair. Of course, an evening dress and heels you won't wear it, but to find a model that will look good with the fun dress in small flower and ballet flats, it is real. Please note small leather or suede backpacks. Will fit you and small crossbody bags made of cloth.
If you like to dress brightly, it offers a huge selection of backpacks with colorful prints. It could just be a backpack with geometric pattern "acid" colors or the image of your favourite comic book hero. Specially for girls backpacks are sold with a pattern of large flowers. Pick a scarf or bracelets of the same color with a backpack – you'll look stylish.
To wear backpack is not only beautiful, but also smart, especially if you have it really hard. After you put the backpack on the back, it should be customized. Start with the belt – its the middle of should fall on the hip bone. Then tighten the shoulder straps. They should be taut, but do not overdo it, otherwise the whole load will go to the hips and will fall on the shoulders.
Fix the straps of adjustment of position (they are over nadlezni belts) in the area of the clavicle. You can then pull the lower straps of the belt that will attach to a backpack for more resistance. In the end, after you tightened all the buckles and made sure that you are comfortable, fasten chest strap.