You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - a package of documents to the territorial office of the Pension Fund.
On the basis of the Federal law No. 256-F3 you have the right to receive a certificate for maternity capital at the birth or adoption of a second or subsequent children. If the child has no mother, the certificate issued to the father, guardian or legal representative.
The mortgage you can arrange before the baby is born, it can do, father, guardian, legal representative or mother. Regardless of whom the credit issued to pay part of it can be a means of the parent capital.
To repay the amount of the existing mortgage will apply to the territorial office of the Pension Fund immediately after the birth or adoption of a second or subsequent child. A statement issued on the standardized form, to which you will be able in the Pension Fund when you call.
Attach to the application a passport, a credit agreement and a photocopy of the certificate from the Bank confirming the remaining amount of indebtedness, certificate of ownership of purchased housing, birth certificate of all children, proof of citizenship of the baby. If the child is included in your passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, it will be proof that the baby is a citizen of the same country. You will also need a marriage certificate or divorce certificate of a guardian, certificate of family composition, proof of residency.
For consideration of your documents under the law set aside no more than 30 calendar days. The funds will be transferred to the credit of the organization in which you were issued a mortgage.
If the child is born or you have adopted him, but mortgage only planning to be organized on the basis of Federal law No. 288-F3 from December 25, 2008, you have the right to do it immediately after receipt of the certificate for maternity capital. Whereas prior to the enactment of the act to dispose of the funds was not before the child turns three years.
Documents must be submitted are the same as those already issued under the mortgage loan. The only difference is that if you plan to spend the parent capital for a down payment for housing, you will not have a certificate of ownership, agreement executed mortgage and a certificate from the Bank about the remaining amount of the debt.
After consideration of documents submitted to the territorial office of the Pension Fund, on account of the credit institution will be credited with the full amount of the parent capitaland on account of the initial payment or ongoing payments for purchased housing.