Select system for the collection of sewage.The sewage system can be arranged in the form of simple devices or complex structures with biological and mechanical purification of waste collected. The first sump with bottom and without bottom. They collected and then pumped sewage. Calculate the volume of the pit, given the average daily water consumption of one person (on average 150-170 l). If the amount of waste water per day do not exceed 1 m 3 – make a simple cesspool.
Select a location for the sump.Despite the simplicity of the structure, there are several caveats to its location on the site. This removal from drinking water sources, and the comfortable entrance of the machine, and sufficient distance from residential areas and areas with plants. Place the pit close to the road so the tanker could easily drive up to the cesspit. In the presence at the site of the well or other water abstraction do not place the settler on the same line with him - it can lead to the ingress of sewage into the drinking water.
Take a drive with the bottom.If groundwater is approaching the surface closer than 2 m, make a sealed waste pit. Follow the walls from a material that does not rot: concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, stone. Select concrete rings round or square cross-section and install them on top of each other in the prepared pit. Guide the work of sealing exterior and interior joints using reinforced concrete and then a layer of bitumen. While at the bottom, pour the clay layer 30 cm and make a slope of 45 degrees for better pumping content.
Install the cover.On top of the structures put overlapping with Luke for a hose. The hole (70x70 cm), close the two covers with a layer of insulating foam or mineral wool. First put the overlap, the second at ground level after backfilling of the structure. Dig a trench precipice it with a layer of sand and lay them to the sump is insulated sewage pipe with a diameter of at least 100 mm.
Use the finished system.As drives can be installed on the site ready septic tank is an improved version of pit latrines, used for sanitation in the country and suburban homes. For it will not have to take place in a secluded area – septic tank permits immediate proximity to the house. In addition, the capacity of the airtight and waterproof, which is important at high groundwater levels. Note installation with body made of fiberglass – it does not corrode.