The first thing you need to do is properly connect the microphone. First of all insert the wire. Plug it in next to the connector for the speakers, most of the time he is there, or locate the Jack at the rear of the system unit. To start a conversation, press the K (in English layout), this key is on by default. But it is quite far from often used in this game. In this case, set another, which would be convenient for you. Talking on the microphone loud and clear, but not shouting. It will exceed a specific sound threshold and create only noise. A quiet conversation is also not suitable, so define a middle ground for yourself.
Next, get rid of microphone hiss. Can try, alternatively, to take it away from your face, but this method doesn't always help. It is best to download audio driver Realtek HD. After installing it your voice is pretty "clean" and clear. If you do not want to install this driver, try lowering the sound level. To do this, start Counter-Strike, go to "Settings" then "Voice" and finding the phrase "Volume transmission", move the slider to the left. Check the microphone on the sound in CS. To do this, create your own server, where a game with bots and type in the console command voice_loopback 1. In order again to stop hearing your own voice, write the same command, but set to 0 (zero).
In that case, if you want to make additional settings and make the sound even cleaner, review the following settings:voice_maxgain 1 — changes the maximum amount of gain the game engine, which is available on voice than smoothes it. Takes the value from 1 to 5.voice_avggain 1 — equalizes the voice wave, then there is the noise cancellation.voice_scale number — sets the volume level of the voice speaking.voice_fadeouttime 0,100 — this command affects the time of the extinction of your voice.voice_enable 1 — this parameter enables or disables the voice feature.