You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - table of changes in the circumference of your head.
To measure the circumference of the head fit usual measuring tape used by tailors. It is only necessary that the numbers were written clearly enough. Please note that sides of the tape differ. Standard sewing centimeter two zero. So it's important to tape in the process not tangled.
Measurement is best done with an assistant. Let someone from the household will take the kid on hands. Remove the fat cap, thin to leave. To measure a newborn baby can be as during sleep and in moments of wakefulness.
Apply the zero mark of the centimeter to the back of the head of the baby, a little above the nape. Hold the end of the cm with your finger. Circle the tape over the ear, the eyebrows, the second ear. The tape must not drape or hang too loose.
View result and write it down. Compare your data table with the result of the previous measurement. If there is considerable variation in the rate of growth, contact your pediatrician. The average growth rate of the skull suggests that the brain of the baby is developing in full accordance with age and performance. Excessive gain can be a symptom of hydrocephalus and other diseases.
After a year the head can be measured not so much. Usually such measurements are carried out every six months. In the second year of life the circumference of the head increases on the average on 1,5-2cm, and between two and three years the change is only 1cm or a little more.