Complete the certificate of an individual entrepreneur. For this you need to write a letter to the tax office. With him to send back a receipt of payment of registration Sberbank, passport and its copy. You can use the services of special firms for registration of the company.
Select the attraction that you want to open, and the place of its location. The easiest way is to open inflatable rides for children. If you want to place them on territory belonging to the city, contact the local authorities. Write a statement about their intentions. After consideration a decision will be taken on granting you a permit. If for your business you have chosen Park of culture and rest, decide the issue with his administration. In addition, see the statement in management of culture of the city for approval of your actions.
Acquire attraction directly by checking that the device is not contrary to the document "Rules for the structure and operation of attraction equipment". This is essential for your attraction, because you are responsible for harm caused to people while using your equipment. You must have all the necessary certificates and certificates of the examination equipment.
Provide good publicity for your attraction. You can organize the distribution of leaflets in the nearby area. A good idea will be a variety of promotions and bonuses, such as prizes or free skiing for the tenth time. Bright signs and colorful design also attract visitors.
Make sure about of the attraction has always been reliable, responsible employee who will closely follow the order and safety of people. Each time it must spend a minimum of instruction before to let visitors on the trampoline or carousel.