Advice 1: How to get a certificate to a young family

The issue of housing is relevant at all times. The program "Young family – affordable housing" gives the opportunity to buy an apartment on favorable terms. How to obtain the certificate of a young family? This is a question being asked by the couple before the wedding.
How to get a certificate to a young family
Contact the administration of the city (place of residence). It will give the qualified consultation and the list of documents necessary for participation in the program.
Gather the necessary documents. This procedure takes from one month. You will need to go more than one instance, from the local housing management to the registration chamber. Don't forget: the certificate issued to families in which a person has less than 9 square meters of living space.
You stand in line. Only after you provide a complete list of required documents, the housing division under the administration has the right to put you in the queue. Keep in mind, the administration is obliged to check your creditworthiness before you make the list.
In the administration jointly with the regional Fund provides a certain number of certificates, which is unknown even to them. You may have to stand in line more than one year. Be patient and be prepared that in the case of obtaining the certificateand you will need to use it within a year of receipt.
Follow progress on the list. This information should be freely available is posted in the administrative building (or on the official website in the Internet).

Be ready at any time you may be asked to update the reference.
Useful advice
This certificate is issued to young families free of charge. When calculating the amount of the certificate take into account the number of family members.

Remember: the program is designed for young families until the age of at least one member of the family reaches 30 years.

Not allowed to participate in this program, single-parent families: mother and child, father and child.

Advice 2 : How to get a subsidy for an apartment for a young family

Now most young families do not have the possibility to buy an apartment for own funds. To participate in the joint construction is also problematic. Their only hope is the parent or public assistance in solving the housing problem.
How to get a subsidy for an apartment for a young family
Through the state program on providing young families with housing provides one-time subsidies to young families from Federal and local budgets for the purchase of housing. To participate in the program are families in need of housing, under the age of spouses till 35 years.
Write an application to the municipality for inclusion in the program for funding. Submit copies of marriage certificates and passports, as well as the conclusion about the need to improve housing conditions. In addition, you will need to attach income certificate, confirming possibility of payment of the difference between the purchase price of housing and the subsidy amount, the extract from the personal account and from the house.
Get in the municipality certificate in social housing paid. Not later than within two months after issue of the certificate apply to the Bank selected by the municipality to participate in the subsidy program for young families. Give to the Bank a certificate and open a Bank account under the agreement, which will specify the procedure for maintenance of accounts and transfer of funds with it.
Prior to the expiration of nine months from the date of issue of the certificate will define the specific apartment and method of acquisition: purchase contract with the seller, a mortgage loan, the entry into housing savings cooperative.
After making the purchase transaction of the apartment, submit to the Bank a contract for the purchase of an apartment from the seller and the certificate of ownership of the apartment to transfer to the seller part of the purchase price of the subsidy. If the apartment was bought through a mortgage loan, and also provide a loan agreement to pay principal and interest on a mortgage loan due to subsidies.
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