Contact the administration of the city (place of residence). It will give the qualified consultation and the list of documents necessary for participation in the program.
Gather the necessary documents. This procedure takes from one month. You will need to go more than one instance, from the local housing management to the registration chamber. Don't forget: the certificate issued to families in which a person has less than 9 square meters of living space.
You stand in line. Only after you provide a complete list of required documents, the housing division under the administration has the right to put you in the queue. Keep in mind, the administration is obliged to check your creditworthiness before you make the list.
In the administration jointly with the regional Fund provides a certain number of certificates, which is unknown even to them. You may have to stand in line more than one year. Be patient and be prepared that in the case of obtaining the certificateand you will need to use it within a year of receipt.