In the multilingual programs to choose language of the interface is presented during installation. A window for language selection appears first. Using the drop-down list, set, installation of the application will continue normally. If the program is already installed, check which one will suit you.
If the application supports multiple languages, check its settings. So, in Adobe Photoshop later, select in the Edit menu ("Edit"), Preferences (Preferences) and Interface ("Interface"). In the group UI Text Option ("text Settings") select from the drop down list the desired language and restart the application.
In µTorrent there is a possibility to upload Russian language pack without having to reinstall again the app itself. Start the torrent client and select the top menu item "help". In the context menu, click on "Download translation" with the left mouse button. Wait until the end of the operation, focusing on the information field.
In a situation when the interface language is changed, program cannot continue using its settings, find the Internet and load to your computer crack (anglofikator or files for translation into another desired language). In this case, there are two ways to change the language.
Read the instructions that came with the crack. In one case, you simply run the file with the extension .exe, then an application will be made automatically, all the necessary files in the directory with the program will be replaced by the utility. In the second case you should manually copy the file with the translation and paste it in the folder with the application, agreeing to replace one file by another.
Also, there are times when none of the methods is not suitable. For example, Comodo is not possible to change language via settings, and the development company does not exist in principle. In this case, you need to delete the existing app and install the version with the interface language you need again.